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replica-hermes-beltReplica Hermes Belt Adhere to the leadership of the party, the road of socialist rule of law with Replica Hermes Belt characteristics, will serve as a fundamental principle of governing the country according to law. The rule of law goal in particular is to form a complete legal system, efficient implementation of law system, Replica Hermes Belts strict supervision system, strong legal support system of the rule of law and perfect the inner-party laws and regulations system, Hermes Replica Belt in this five aspects to put forward the specific content. Legal system is to focus on the new leadership after the formation of the ideas and results reflect comprehensively the ruling to it; The focus of the implementation of the system under the rule of law, Hermes Belt Replica is to promote the reform of judicial reform and anti-corruption, the national security system reform; The focus of the supervision system of rule of law, Hermes Belt is to establish constitutional supervision and unconstitutional review system and mechanism;Hermes Belt Bing oath on Korea visit, seems to be a temporary decision.

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fake-hermes-beltFake Hermes Belt is still willing to have some analysis. The latest news is that the Hermes number two, vice-chairman of the national defence commission, the people army, general secretary of the workers’ party central committee of the political bureau chief Huang Bing oath rate, choi ryong hae a sports commission chairman, secretary of the workers’ party central,Hermes Belt Fake unification minister talked 6 people, such as attend the incheon Asian games closing ceremony, and with the Hermes Belt prime minister zheng bake the original, the presidential blue house national security room for Mr. Kim, unification LiuJi waiting for meeting. Obviously, the move is the latest by Hermes to repeatedly, the surface is present at the Asian games closing ceremony, it is the opportunity to meet with the Hermes Belt top, break a stalemate in the relations between the two countries.

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hermes-belt-buckleHermes Belt Buckle was not long ago,Hermes Belt H Buckle held the second session of the 13th session of the supreme people assembly, complete the new personnel deployment, after choi ryong hae served as army chief director of the political bureau of the Hermes Belt Buckle, completed from the program the steps necessary to become a Hermes Belt H Buckle number two. This is the top consolidated power in Hermes Belt after the first major political action. 10 minutes before the end of the closing ceremony, hermes-belt-h-buckleHermes Belt Buckle prime minister zheng bake the original again with north Korea delegation held a meeting with 7 minutes. In the meeting, talked to leave for VIP guests, then hand piece A4 paper with three points two length of text, back to his seat and turn it to Hermes Belt H Buckle oath and choi ryong hae a look.